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Cempro have a fantastic range of other products that add interest to your garden or patio areas that are not water orientated therefore easy to purchase and place.

Our Easter Island Moai looks impressive when set in amongst shrubs due to its one metre height. As do the Guardian Statues which also come in three different sizes ranging from 1.2m to 0.6m high. Our Aztec stone seat can be a seat or place a potted plant on top for a different look.

We also have a variety of statuary that can add interest to a boring plain wall such as the Hercules Bust to complement a Greek style patio, or the Bacchus (God of Wine) with a comical expression may add some interest and a talking point.

Other visually appealing Gardenware pieces are the Japanese Lanterns especially the larger one; the perfect accessory for your Oriental Garden.

More information on Sculptures & Statuary can be found on our website or contact us 09 832 9088.