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Have you been thinking of creating a beautiful garden sanctuary or develop an area for a tranquil waterfeature? Maybe it is something you have been considering for some time now or you may have been newly inspired. Either way now is the perfect time to initiate such a project which will see it come into fruition before the summer holidays; perfect timing for those BBQs and other social gatherings.

Some preparation will be required of course, for example preparing the ground for an adwater pond or chocking for some of our tiered water features such as the Shangi-la falls or Gentle Cascades.

Once the water or garden feature is in place you will be able to pave up to or plant out with suitable shrubs and grasses etc. You may like to add some more rocks or pebbles. Possibilities are as endless as the imagination.

Sure, it will take effort and you will be rewarded every time you sit and relax in your special space.

More information on adwater features can be found on our website or contact us 09 832