Product Information


These products are manufactured using a cement-bound matrix, reinforced with synthetic fibres in shell like forms. Whilst the fibre/cement material is rigid and has sufficient strength for most landscaping situations, care must be taken during transportation, installation, and handling.

All products should be lifted and placed carefully, evenly and squarely. Do not drag or roll the product. Do not allow finished surfaces to rub against others. Ensure all products are well secured and kept apart during transportation.

All products should be supported in a manner appropriate for the particular product. Some products will not support heavy weight on part or all of the product. EZI-ROC and ADWATER products are recommended for ornamental purposes only.

As ADWATER products are faux finished by hand, colours may vary between batches. The products are coloured on the surface using acrylic colourings, and/or with oxides through the matrix. Varying degrees of colour loss can occur through exposure to ultra-violet light or hostile confitions (e.g. salt or chlorinated aters) and through general aging. Water feature products will lose colour through natural water abrasion but often algal growth can create a more natural look. Colours can vary between two of the same products. No natural rocks are the same and this is often the case with EZI-ROC and ADWATER products.

All products that incorporate a body of water have been tested for water loss to the water level that the manufactures consider optimum for the product before leaving the factory.

Purchasers should test all products for water loss in a way that simulates the manufacturers specific and intended use of the product. Damage may occur in transportation over which the manufacturers have no control. Purchasers should satisfy themselves that the product has no damage and does not lose water prior to installation.