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Our Adwater and EZI-ROC products are pet and wildlife safe

Wildlife & Pets

What about fish, turtles, birds and goats?  Are our adwater and EZI-ROC products compatible with pets and other wildlife? 

Our products mimic nature and the addition of wildlife go hand in hand.  Here are examples of recent enquiries and answers to those questions.

  • Are our adwater pond shells non-toxic and can we have fish or turtles in them?
    Yes we use non-toxic acrylic paint

  • Do we need a filter to keep the water clean?
    Where there are no fish or turtles, a pump to move water may be all you need depending on the climate.  The control of algae can be a problem for new ponds due to lack of balance of plants and animal life.  All ponds with fish or turtles will benefit from having a biological filter system installed

  • Are our EZI-ROC rocks strong enough for goats to climb on?
    We recommend extra reinforcing however bear in mind that this will increase the weight of any of our EZI-ROC products

  • How does salt water affect our EZI-ROCS?
    Efflorescence (sometimes referred to as “whiskers”) may occur where the salt migrates to the surface of porous surfaces.  These salt deposits occur in nature as well and have a whitish appearance and may also appear on our adwater and EZI-ROC products

We welcome any enquiries so please ask.  Phone 09 832 9088 or contact us through our website.