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Keeping it simple

RAIN! RAIN! and more RAIN!

According to many areas in NZ “was a sopping wet April for much of the country, with rainfall ranging between 200% and 350% of normal over the entire North Island and the north and east of the South Island”.

“This followed on from extremely wet March in many of the same regions, meaning it was the wettest March-April period on record.”

That is a lot of water and often it is only when we have a torrent of rain that drainage issues become apparent.

Cempro is proud to be able to supply the best performing Channel & Grate drainage systems available in New Zealand.

We have a range of HYVOL Channels & Grates to suit a variety of uses from Domestic Applications such as cars and domestic light vehicles to Commercial Applications including Heavy Transport & Forklift use.

Whether you need HYVOL Channels & Grates for a vehicle crossing or if you need to replace a channel or grate even if they are not HYVOL contact us or PHONE NOW 09 832 9088.


We know winter is on its way when temperatures drop, the days get shorter and the nights get longer.

It may be wise to check for any drainage issues before the inevitable deluge occurs. Undirected water can cause a lot of damage and can be expensive to rectify.

Like other drainage systems our HYVOL surface water catchment channels and grates need some maintenance to ensure water flows correctly.

Leaves and other debris can prevent maximum surface water from flowing into the channels. If there is no grate security in place, the grates can be removed to allow the channels to be washed out. If there is grate security these can be undone or it may be possible to direct water under pressure from a hose or water-blaster to remove the debris without removing the grates.

If you have a HYVOL sump remove the grate and check for any build-up of silt inside it.

Regular checking of any drainage systems are recommended.

If you find a drainage channel or grate needs to be replaced even if they are not our HYVOL drains contact us or phone 09 832 9088.

Cempros drainage systems

Cempro’s drainage systems have been established since 1989. Our trademarked HYVOL channels are made of fibre reinforced cement here in Swanson, Auckland. Combine the HYVOL channels with our galvanized steel grates and you have a great solution for all your drainage needs.

Applications catered for include garage entrances, peripheral house drainage, car parks, vehicle crossings, heavy transport and forklifts. Cempro also have specially designed HYVOL slot channels for surface water catchment which are visually unobtrusive e.g. swimming pools.

Cempro also manufacture HYVOL sumps with end plates that accommodate the relative HYVOL channel size and type.

HYVOL has been favoured by contractors and specifiers for 20 plus years for its catchment capability and uncomplicated design.

More information on our HYVOL drainage systems can be found on our website or contact Kevin @ 09 832 9088.